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First let me send prayers that you and your loved ones have been spared the scourge that has descended upon our community and the entire world. Sadly the virus has impacted my friends, and loved ones. Hopefully we are seeing a decline in infections and most importantly deaths.

The governor has set a date mid May for a possible return to a semblance of normality. I have my doubts. We are in uncharted territory where there are many opinions and few facts. The political pressures and economic concerns are mounting at a time when we still don't fully understand the science or most importantly best medical advice.It is particularly disturbing when politics intermingle with science. Because of the unique proximity of the patient and the dental professional we are taking extraordinary efforts to minimize potential transmission to both our staff and patients. Acquiring the highest level of PPE for our staff, employing high speed equipment to remove expressed respiration from the patient and utilizing the state of the art sterilizing approaches dictated by the new normal.

Hopefully expansion of testing and utilizing antibody evaluations will more safely allow us to return to work.When we do return we will adapt our schedule to allow more time per patient and gradually increase our patient load as conditions warrant. It will be all about keeping you and my staff healthy. If you have any concerns your calls are welcome at (914)-772-6355 or you can E-mail at

At the beginning of the outbreak I did some research on a topic that has never been more prescient. It is about Chinese control of our drug manufacturing. With great irony, the new evacuation systems I purchased are made in China. The research and the article I wrote will follow this email.

Given the delay in office visits please take the time to take extra good care of your teeth and gums. Again contact me with any concerns in this arena.

Fondly - Dr. Victor Sternberg

**Read More About Dr.Sternberg's Plan to Reopen**

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Where Experience, Judgement, Technology and Compassion Come Together

The mission of our practice is to provide a warm and compassionate environment that stresses evidence-based diagnosis and state-of-the-art treatment for the care of your mouth, and preservation of your gums and teeth.

Once you read the testimonials from our patients describing their experience in our office then you'll know why we are so proud to serve this community.

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Westchester Center article

The relationship of periodontal disease to systemic disease is an area well established and of particular interest to Dr Sternberg. Your mouth is often the reflection of your general health. Many patients have benefited medically and dentally from appropriate diagnosis, effective treatment and timely medical referrals.

We are ever vigilant in evaluating the interrelationship between your mouth and overall health. Counseling to help with lifestyle issues that affect the oral cavity and overall well being are offered to our patients.

Thirty plus years of experience and continued education have reinforced both my commitment and my skills and thus enable me to provide maximum patient outcomes in a compassionate and comfortable manner.

- Dr. Victor Sternberg

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Our Recall Dental Wellness Program

Our recall dental wellness program was established with your oral health and maintenance in mind. Early detection of changes in the gum tissue or dental health and the appropriate intervention is the goal. A dental recall visit entails a thorough oral exam and a periodontal evaluation at each visit. Tartar and bacteria will be removed at and above the gum line. Preventative procedures will be reviewed with you at this time.

Effective Preventative Education

At the Westchester Center for Periodontal Excellence we like to think of ourselves as your dental coach. The vast majority of dental disease is preventable. Dental decay which leads to dental infections and often tooth loss as well as periodontal disease are essentially preventable. The maintenance of a healthy mouth following any dental treatment requires effective techniques appropriate for your oral condition. Our highly trained staff including Dr. Sternberg, works with you through demonstration and repetition until you have mastered the necessary measures to prevent disease.

Coaching You Receive:

  • How to brush properly using either a manual or electric brush
  • How to effectively use a water irrigator
  • How to effectively clean between your teeth
  • How to choose and utilize oral rinses to reduce plaque
  • How to apply topical fluoride to reduce decay

"Saving and preserving the health of the natural teeth was the origin of periodontology and continues to be the foundation of dentistry in this practice."

- Dr. Victor Sternberg